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Sinister Monopoly

A native to Manhattan Beach, Sinister Monopoly grew
up during the 70s and 80s. He started detailing cars
while attending high school, eventually opening his
own shop called Paradise Auto. His clientele was
representative of the South Bay drug scene at the
time, inevitably shifting his career from cars to
cannabis. By 2006, Sinister became the largest
marijuana trafficker, managing and delegating
multiple international networks of weed distributors
with multiple drops per day. His success was
solidified after sending California kush clones to
Canada for growing and cultivation. A move which
gave him full control over the California/Los Angeles
kush scene. After introducing Kush to Canada, Sin
became the first supplier of the infamous bubba kush
strain to Atlanta, Chicago, and Detroit.
At the hight of his career, Sin was trafficking between
3 countries and 11 US states. In Los Angeles alone,
he was supplying the market with 800 pounds of
marijuana a week. By acquiring three airplanes he
built an International criminal enterprise that was
later dubbed as the Jason syndicate by the FBI. In
2011 Sinister was arrested by the feds, and in 2012
sentenced to 11 years and four months for conspiring
to distribute marijuana and cocaine and conspiring to
launder money.
While serving his sentence at Terminal Island, Sinister
taught himself how to paint. He was released on
probation after serving 8 years and now lives and
works in Manhattan Beach. His paintings are
representative of memories and experiences during
his career as one of the first chronic kings of

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